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Conversion funnel optimization tips to boost sales for your brand.
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The Ultimate Guide to effective Conversion Funnel Optimization


So you have created a conversion funnel, but it just isn't kicking up dust. What should be your next move? Should you let go of the funnel and create a new one? Well, you can do that too. But, there's a far more effective approach we will share here with you for Conversion Funnel Optimization or Funnel Optimization in short. You have already spent time, energy, and money building a conversion funnel. Let's make the conversion funnel work and make the most out of it!

How to optimize a conversion funnel for better results?

Optimizing a conversion funnel allows you to aim for measurable goals and better customer/buyer journey. Since it involves testing, measuring, and implementing different iterations of the funnel, it sets an excellent launchpad for continuous evolutionary improvement.

Here are some of the best ways to optimize a conversion funnel and achieve better results.

  1. Set up goals in Google Analytics

Why do you want to optimize the conversion funnel? Which specific actions do you want the visitors to take once they land in your sales funnel? These should be considered as goals for your conversion funnel that you can effectively track using Google Analytics. You can set up the goals using a Goal Template or Smart Goal. Brands can even create their own goals and start tracking them.

All you have to do is define the goal name, the funnel, and the goal value. Let's say you want to boost product sales. The goal name can be 'Purchase Product.' You can then mention the worth of a completed goal. In other words, you can define the number of product purchases that contribute to goal completion. Then you will also have to add the conversion funnel or pages that are involved in the funnel.

Google Analytics - Conversion Events

Once you have goals setup, Google Analytics will track the relevant user activities on your site and provide you with relevant metrics to discover when and where visitors leave the conversion funnel. With that information, you can systematically eliminate limitations and setbacks in your conversion funnel.

  1. Turn landing pages into opportunities

How optimized are your landing pages? You can optimize several elements in a landing page like headlines, copy, color, font style, purchase path, and more to develop a streamlined conversion funnel. It allows minimizing the distraction and keeps the prospects focused.

The headlines should be well-tested because it is the first thing visitors see on the page. Landing page copy must reflect the product value and benefits. The tone matters as well.

Landing Page - Pretty Funnels

An in-depth audience analysis will help you nail that. Color and font style can also be tested. So, make sure you know how different colors and styles impact the conversion funnel.

Most importantly, eliminate roadblocks to conversion. The purchase path should be buttery smooth, and intuitive. So to archive that keep the navigation super simple and lower the page loading time. Google's PageSpeed Insights will help uncover the friction. Get rid of anything that isn't relevant to the target audience.

  1. Test the sign-up forms

Next, test the sign-up forms. The elements that should be probed are headlines, text box words, textbox placement, text boxes per page, and captcha. Optimizing these elements is not a huge ask.

Headlines can be optimized the way you tested them for landing pages. The right headline can boost the signups significantly. Make sure you make it crystal clear what visitors must enter in the text boxes. The text box words should be precise and clear.

Sign Up - Pretty Funnels

Arrange the text boxes properly. Moreover, test the number of text boxes as well. The popular belief is that more text boxes create friction and reduce conversion rates. That is not always true.

The more information you collect the higher chance to understand your prospects and to better tailor the experience for them. Therefore, run tests and remove or update the text boxes that confuse people. Also, when you collect all the necessary information and you are confident about it consider removing the extra inputs.

Lastly, consider dropping the captchas that is too difficult to decipher. They are a significant road bump to the sign up forms and a lot of times have no business value.

  1. Optimize the email newsletter

An email newsletter is an integral part of any conversion funnel. It is crucial that you test its performance and make necessary changes. Focus on elements like subject copy, email body, CTA, and performance metrics like open rates and click-throughs.

Newsletter - Pretty Funnels

The subject line should trigger curiosity. Hence, make sure the copy is compelling and addresses the audience's pain points. Although the same concept would apply to the email body, you can follow these time-tested tips as well.

The CTA or Call-to-Action must be tested since it drives recipients to take action. Moreover, you will also have to test the CTA position to grab maximum attention and clicks.

  1. Run A/B tests for usability

Both user testing and A/B testing are essential to optimize and develop a solid conversion funnel. Begin with user testing by employing credible testers to focus on specific aspects of the funnel.

A/B Testing - Pretty Funnels

The focus group should test the elements that play the most crucial role in conversion---for instance, the signup forms. Get the insights and start working on them. Implement the information and begin testing the results.

A/B testing will help you get the most out of usability testing. It will effectively narrow down the alternatives and land you the most optimum conversion funnel. A/B tests can be used to confirm the usability test results.

Keep reading!

That's everything we are using to improve our funnels. Optimizing a conversion funnel demands continuous efforts, creativity, passion, and patience on your part. Take a deep dive to systematically address every issue with your sales funnel and optimize it with the tips mentioned above. Some of the tactics above are easy enough and can apply right away (like dropping the captcha). Others, might take a bit more time (like A/B testing) but will be worth it in the end. Hopefully, you found this post valuable. If you did, don't forget to check out our post on "Successful Digital Strategies" (link below)!

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