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Examples and case studies for digital marketing strategies.

7 examples of successful Digital Marketing strategies


Digital Marketing is one of the popular ways to increase the reach of products and services online. There are various types of digital marketing strategies that business can use according to the results they are after, their size and their budge. They all have one thing in common. They employ digital mediums to reach users and customers which is more often than not more effective.

Digital Marketing Examples

Each requires a different set of skillset. Some shorter form of content and some longer, some visual media and some more text based and others are one way communication channels (eg. email) compare to two way communication (eg. social media).

A few of the popular digital marketing methods are described below.

  • E-mail Marketing: The use of email for sending informative and educational content to users, customers and potential partners. It's one of the first digital marketing strategies in the history of the internet (that is still working quite well).
  • Social Media Marketing or SMM: The use of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram sales and brand building with the target audience.
  • Affiliate Marketing: A method to where the advertiser pays different promoters or influences to raise awareness or increase sales of the products and services.
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO: A collection optimization tactics to rank higher in search engines and social media through the use of relevant and important keywords and better site structure.
  • Search Engine Marketing or SEM: These are the paid campaigns that run search engines like Google or Bing.

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Successful Case Studies

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to Digital Marketing strategies. In this article we will go through seven successful examples of companies that have taken a step further and implemented some digital marketing strategies.

Here's what proven to be quite beneficial for them.

1. Airbnb

It is a unique and creative marketplace for travels around the world, founded in San Francisco, California, in 2008, with more than 100 million users and valued at a little over 30000 million dollars in 2017 by uniting hosts and travelers on their platform.

Airbnb Instagram - Inspiring Content

One of the reasons for its success is undoubtedly the strategies of dissemination of content in social networks like Instagram with 4.8 million followers. Its objective is to share the experiences of users in an organic way that motivates other users to want to be part of this platform. But there is more, because not only do they become anchored in social networks, but on their website, they share quality content, which serves as a guide for travelers making them safer from the decisions at the time of booking.

2. Lego

Who hasn't played with a Lego toy? Last year the Denmark company reached an annual sale of 5.8 billion euros. If you wonder how they achieve such levels of income through sales, that is mostly due to their marketing strategies, expanding its market on a regular basis and offering products for all ages and for both genders.

Lego IMDB - Movie

Lego knew that their product should connect with more people worldwide. How did they do it? They created entertainment-based content. For example, the Lego movies and their YouTube series are a perfect way to generate interest around the world and make people more curious about the company and purchasing the products they offer. They also offer a free magazine to children between 5 and 9 years old when kids can learn and have fun, which is also a nice touch.

3. Amazon

You've certainly purchased a product on Amazon at least once in your life--not for nothing it is one of the most famous companies around the world. The online retailer they managed to position itself as a leader in the world market for the great variety of products it offers, gaining traffic in an organized way and adapting to the needs of the masses.

Amazon Products - Google Search

The people in charge of Amazon know the benefits of SEO; it is no coincidence that when we search some product online, Amazon is always present and that is because they use keywords that generate a lot of traffic. They are so aware of these benefits that they offer their collaborators SEO tools to increase the sales of their partners.

4. Groupon

One of the biggest of online coupon marketplaces Groupon, founded in 2008 applied a digital strategy to increase retention and user engagement. They used email marketing and based on the tastes of each person they offered deals to users that are are more likely to buy. On the other hand, they also make CTAs (calls to action) for their users which can only be used for a limited time.

Groupon Email - Discounts

5. Aliexpress

This lower cost retail trading platform acts as an intermediary between Chinese suppliers and customers from the rest of the world. Of course, each purchase made generates a commission for the platform.

Aliexpress Google - Paid Ads

The strategy that this website applied was to PPC (pay to click). When someone searches for a product they offer in the web site, Google will show them right on top as an ad. That made sense for them because due to their B2B nature customers were buying in bulk which make up for the PPC costs.

6. GoPro

The largest professional camera company for all passionate adventurers who like to capture moments easily and practically without leaving aside the beauty of the moment was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, who was an avid surfer and skier. According to Statista (leading supplier of market data and consumer information), the company GoPro reached an income of more than 1400 million dollars through sales in 2018.

GoPro Instagram - User Generated Content

GoPro encourages its users to generate content so that everyone can appreciate those unique and unforgettable moments, giving their users editing programs with simple interfaces. They uploaded their users photos to their Instagram account which has 17.4 million followers, inspiring and motivating other users to follow.

7. M.A.C. cosmetics

The most recognized Canadian brand of makeup all around the world, with more than 30 years in the beauty industry. There's no doubt MAC has a strong digital marketing presence through the use Instagram and Facebook with a community of over 40 million followers.

MAC Cosmetics Instagram - Influences

In the huge and changing world of beauty, M.A.C. are ingenious with their networks through the empowerment of the diversities of people, creating educational content through various influencers and artists who like the art of makeup. That strategy causes their products to be more viewd as more valuable and sought out (many of which have being sold out).

Further Reading

Hopefully, you find these case studies inspiring and informative. Keep in mind every brand has a different customer with different interests and habits and you need to focus on what works for you best but when you hit that sweat spot where you can communicate the value of your service or product you see satisfactory and long lasting results.

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